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Finally, some updates!

Happy Halloween, everyone.

I apologize for my lack of updating last week. My grandmother passed away last Friday, then I had SASS, and now we have to deal with the wake. As a result, I have been extremely busy and I’ve had to push some things behind. I will try to get to everything this weekend. For those waiting on answers from me, I will get them to you. I promise.

First thing on the agenda, SASS is over and it was a fantastic time. It was just what needed especially after the sudden news. I enjoyed meeting everyone and I’m pretty much out of my swag now (save for lots of Lengths of Love bookmarks and postcards). Pictures will be coming soon. Let me get through the wake first and I promise things will be back to normal.

Second news, both Sweet Love and Four of the Usual Suspects are on Audible now! The latter is a short book so it will be great for those of you who take long trips or have a long commute during work. I’m also putting a link to both audiobooks so you can check them out. I also have free audiobook codes so if anyone wants one, drop me a line!

Sweet Love:



Four of the Usual Suspects:



I have Halloween freebies! Since it is Halloween, how about two paranormal freebies? Both The Reaper’s Apprentices books are free on Kindle today and tomorrow. You can also get them from Smashwords as well.






The Contracts:





Finally, the most important piece of news. I’ve started a new work HOWEVER it is not part of a series. This book is an erotica book, it’s standalone, and I will try to write it in a month. I will give details on it tomorrow. I wanted to do it for NaNo but the idea would not leave me alone so I started it early. Oops. Therefore, we may possibly have this out by December. However, there is no guarantee on that. If I can’t get it out by Christmas, the definitely by January.

Well, I’ve got to get back to writing. Do not worry. I’m still working on my other things. I hit 42K on the new PC book so there is that!



Paperback of new book and more on new project

In addition to the ebook of Four of the Usual Suspects, the paperback is out as well! Check it out here:



If you’re the kind who still likes reading books from cover to cover, here you go! Of course, ebook is still availble.

Few more links:





Now I did mention starting an erotica book (which will probably be a series too) and I did get a little further on it. I finally came up with a title and plot to the first book. It’ll be much like Portman’s Creamery. They are not in a particular order so you can read whichever ones you want. It’s got paranormal and suspense in it as well as sex. God knows we can’t do this without sex. I’m trying to get some stock photos though failing miserably at this point. I need to make some teasers.

Also, fiverr is my new favorite place. That is all.


Updates on many things

I know I’m slow with my updates and I apologize for that. I’m trying to get myself organized before next weekend. I can’t believe the date of my signing is finally here! Anyway, this post is just to give an update on what’s coming in the future. By future, I mean mostly 2015 although some of this stuff could move to 2016 as well.

1) Wrapped in Death and Chocolate is now with a formatter and I will hopefully get it back soon so I can release it this weekend (or sometime next week). It took a little longer than I wanted but that’s not a problem for me.

2) In terms of future books, this is where sequels and all lie:

-Hearts Under Ice will either be out December 2014 or January 2015, depending on my editor. No idea when I will start its sequel though, probably in late 2015, maybe earlier.

-Cirque Macabre #2 has hit the 50K mark but is nowhere near finished. I am planning on a summer 2015 release although I don’t think it’ll be out before the Sweet Summer Indie Explosion signing in July. We’ll see though. The next book of that series is called The Vanishing Act

-Operation: Genome #2 is called The Anti-Genome Group and is slated for a Spring 2015 release (maybe earlier if I can get an editor in time). I have the titles of books 3 – 6 as well. This may be the series where I have the future plans already set up.

-The Reaper’s Apprentices #2 is sitting at 7K now but I’ll get back into slowly. That next book is known as The Five Powers. This may come out late 2015.

-There will be more Portman Creamery mysteries as well as possibly another poetry book and maybe a short story anthology. We will see though.

I’ll update when Wrapped is out!