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Black Friday and Release Day!

Being the genius I am, I completely forgot to put this up in the morning! No worries cause the sale is still good!

All my books are on sale for Black Friday for .99:


Also, it is release day for Wrapped in Death and Chocolate! (About time, I know)


One more thing; I said I was working on a secret project that would be a romance series and I would reveal the name yesterday. I ended up being tired as anything yesterday so I’m going to announce it tonight instead! Drumroll, please.

The new series is called….Fire and Ice (although this may change)

Book One: Into the Limelight

I’m trying to hit 10K with this one. It’s a little more challenging but I’m working on it!

The new Portman’s Creamery Mystery is called…Four of the Usual Suspects. This one might be a novella at the rate it’s going though. It’s on 12K right now.

The next book will be Hearts Under Ice though. My editor is ready to start working on December 1st! That will technically be my first romance in a long time.

Much love to you all,