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Playing around a little more…

I’m still fiddling around with this site and trying to add onto it. Work has been hectic so this kind of got pushed to the back. I’m now trying to get through some edits in this next novel here. This is probably my least favorite job but someone has to do it! I will try to update more frequently if I can help it!


In the meantime, I want to post other places where you can find me! Twitter is usually the one thing I update quicker than anything else. My handle is @CyberPeacock so feel free to follow me there. I warn you that I’ve reached my limit on followers at the moment so adding anyone new might be impossible. I’m going to try and weed through some stuff later and see if I can make room. 


My Facebook page is CS Patra- Author. I try to update that one but I tend to fail there sometimes. I get so caught up with other stuff. Check that one out for news and occasional giveaways! 


There is also my Amazon Author Page. Feel free to like that and check stuff out: http://www.amazon.com/CS-Patra/e/B00BJAFVD6/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1


There’s also this site and I do have a tumblr but that’s very rarely used for writing. These days, it’s mostly TMNT, Orphan Black, Bob’s Burgers stuff that gets tumbled with occasional fashion, Harry Potter, etc posts. 


That’s about it right now! I’ll be back soon!